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affandi2Who doesn’t know Affandi? The maestro of painting from Indonesia. You can enjoy his masterpiece in his own house and also function as an museum. This museum is located in Yogyakarta Central Java Indonesia, with the exactly location in Laksda Adisucipto, Yogyakarta-Solo street, by the west side of Gajah Wong River. This museum represent about the maestro during his life. All of his masterpiece are showing in this museum. Divided into 3 buildings gallery, each building has their own characteristic and stories.

affandi1Gallery I, this is the first building, was built in 1962 and officially opened in 1974. When you arrived you will see the Affandi painting and all of his private stuff such as his private car, mitsubishi galant, an old bicycle, paintbrush, and the other private things that he used to wear during his life. You also can see the appreciation that give to Affandi for his masterpiece.

Gallery II, officially opened in 1988. There are two floor in this building. This gallery has function as an exibition hall for the Affandi painting that for sale and also the other painter such as Sudjojono, Hendra Gunawan, Barli, Mochtar Apin and also Bagong Kusudiarjo that has different style with the Affandi painting. The other artwork from the local artist are also on display in Gallery II.

Gallery III, officially opened in 2000 by the Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. There are two floor in this gallery. Displays the artwork of Affandi’s family like Maryati’s embroidery (the first wife of Affandi), Kartika’s paintings (the daughter of Maryati) and Rukmini’s paintings (the daughter of Affandi from his second wife). The second floor is for the restoration and storage room.

affandi4Still at the Affandi complex, besides those three gallerys, you can also see the house of Affandi and now function as a caffe (first floor), the Affandi grave, a tradittional cart (gerobag), Gajah Wong studio 1 is an studio art as a exhibition and workshop hall and Gajah Wong studio 2 as a studio to learn paint and exhibition hall for the Gajah Wong studio student.

affandi3How to get there ?

This museum is located not to far from the downtown of Yogykarta. You can go there by the car or public transportation like bus (Trans Jogja). This museum daily open Monday-Saturday 09.00-16.00 am. Fee ticket for domestic tourist IDR.20.000 (free softdrink) and foreigner IDR.50.000 (free softdrink and souvenir). For Sunday and the other day off this museum only open by the request. For the traveler who want to feel close the Affandi masterpiece, this is one of the alternative that you can visit when you’re in Yogyakarta.

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